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Penpalling Projects - Findings Partners

Page history last edited by Larisa A. Olesova 12 years, 5 months ago

BAW 2011 Group Sharing and Finding Penpalling Project Partners

Feel free to add here


(Outcomes of this page can be checked here)


Victor (Yakutia, Russia)

Hello All,

I am writing this to all to read it because I`d like to find somebody who agrees to cooperate with me.

I have been managing the long-termed correspondence between the American secondary school students and mine for more than 16 years through a “snail mail” as they call it in the USA.

My senior Ss (grades of 9-11) were penpalling with Salt Lake City, Utah, Thonas Jefferson Junior High school Ss,

 and my so-called “juniors” (grades of 6-7-8) were exchanging letters with the 5-6 graders of Kendall Elementary school, Mount Baker, NY

I have witnessed how  profound was the input in English language skills overall and the motivation to learn English was strong enough. To arrange and manage the correspondence was messy, bothering, hard and time-consuming,  though. We exchanged letters twice a year only.

Unfortunately, my two dearest and faithful American colleagues have retired last year and we don`t have any penpal at the moment. It`s too sad, of course.

Here I have to highlight the following – the Target-speakers aren`t motivated to correspond a lot. Especially the American teenagers, whose life is too intense and they are almost fed-up with all  these high-tech and mass –media resourses and to write letters in a simple language to somebody to Siberia, you know,  it was always not too easy for my American colleagues to make their Ss to write.  But in our case, it`s another thing, yours are all EFL-Ss, and so, to write letters or E mails in English would be not so boring for them.

What do you think on it ?



Ayat (Egypt)

Dear Victor,

Penpalling is a very nice idea to improve writing. I started it once with a friend in Britain but he suddenly stopped it after some time !!!

I teach 5th grade students and they would be very enthusiastic to write to penpals in other countries, for sure it would encourage them to write in English and thus enhance their writing skills.

If you would like, I can share with you this project, corresponding via e-mail or wikis, blogs!!

Ayat (Egypt)



Hi, everyone... I´m Natalia from Argentina. I´m quite absent because I´m working a lot preparing for the beginning of my classes, but I read evrything. I´d love PENPALLING! I´ve never done it but I want to try this very year. I teach students from 14 to adults so it´s a wide range, anyone interested, let´s contact!


Hi Rosana, I think it´d be great to do it! We´re starting classes th 9th March, so we have time to prepare everything we want, as I said before I´ve never done it so I´ll need your help...

Where shall we start?



Hi friends,

I'm interested in having an e-mail exchange too. I've been working with this kind of tasks for at least 10 years, using e-mail, snail mail ant the last time the class wiki.
Please check this site and give me feedback.
Some years ago we followed this project.
The last time was in 2009 and you can have a look at my wiki:
(click on 'International e-mail project' and you'll find all the letters).


Ayat and Victor
I agree with your ideas about penpalling and I am willing to collaborate as well with you in such a great project. However, my students are freshmen girls, first 
year all-women health college. So, if your students are close to their age, sex and interests, it will be great to collaborate. Please tell me what you think. 


Hi Nati


I too have not done this before. We should start with something simple so that we can control everything well. You did not tell me about your students. There has to be some kind of common base for our students to start from. I mean same age, sex, interests, etc. ok?






I'd love to collaborate with you. Would you please read my previous email I wrote to Victor and Ayat. Waiting for your opinion.





Me too!!!  

I´m also interested in participating in this penpalling project with my students. How will it work?

Patricia Ceola




Dear Bawers I have been reading about penpalling and visited the wiki page Larrisa posted, I am also very interesting in this project. I teach in high school so my students are 14-18 year of age.

I would like to contact some of the teachers who have studens of this age.

Claudio, very interesting wiki for international emailing, I see you teach primary school.

My email for fruther contact is silipa302@yahoo.com

This would be my first time and I am very interested in this, we have just been talking about that in my school and done of my collegues started penpalling but for German language!

Marijana, CRoatia



I have been folowing you thread very superficially due to lack of time, but this penpalling idea is great, as is the idea to create a separate wiki page.


My students and I carried out three 10-week long each email cultural exchanges and I have some files about them that I'd like to share with hoping that they may help you. The first one was a presentation at the TESOL 2001 Conference that, together with "Advice and Guidelines", should give you ideas on planning, what to bear in mind in carrying out a project, implementing it, etc.


Integrating Email Exchanges in EFL



Advice and Guidelines



Experience-based notes on email and email exchanges



How I carried out two email-based projects



Overcoming obstacles



The magic of email (a ppt presentation)



ViP note: If you come across a URL of mine that is broken/doesn't open, check the URL itself. What you need to do. If the URL has in it, plus something else, please replace  the part with www.digibridge.net . It should work.


Enjoy penpalling!!!  :-)


Teresa (4Feb11)




Hi all

Count me in too. I have French Uni students 21-24 and I am trying to teach them about different cultures. Penpalling, Skyping or cross school projects would be FANTASTIC. They love (too much actually) talking about French culture so anyone interested in that please let me know.

If you're interested maybe we could set a time and a general topic for Chat room, Yahoo Messenger or even Second Life work.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi! I'll be more than happy to join all of you! My student's age goes from 12 to 15 so I hope we can start a good epal project. My email address is teacher_mariaines@yahoo.com.ar  Smiles, Maria :)
I´m also interested in taking part in penpalling project.  My students are 12 to 16 year olds, elementary level, with no experience in this type of work, so I´d prefer to start with blogs which they might already handle and probably, later, include some posdcasting or chatting tool.
We´ll start classes the 2nd. half of March in Argentina so, I think we might be ready to start about April.
Thank you Teresa and Larisa for sharing such useful links.
Hope we can achieve great projects.

Hi everyone:  I am also interested in finding penpals for my students who would love to share with students from other country. They are sophomore engineering students. Our classes will begin on March 7th and will last till the end of June then the 2nd semester is from August to the end of November.  

I have never done this before, I hope it is not difficult to agree on the time if it is a chat activity.

Thanks for the chance to do it.



Comments (6)

Vicinnkir said

at 2:12 pm on Feb 4, 2011

Hello, Larissa, I know you are hereby right now. Well, I tried to hyper my links but couldn`t.I did it OK in my blog as you adviced, so it`s OK. But I failed doing it here in this page. I`d like to make links to Salt Lake school`s site and the same to the Kendall School`s site. Your comments ?

Larisa A. Olesova said

at 8:45 pm on Feb 4, 2011

No problem Victor. When you insert the link through edit in wiki - you will see the link at the bottom of the window "browse pages and files" - click on it. In a new window, click on the "Web address" (on the left). You will see the URL window - enter your URL - you may check Open in new window if you want the page will be open in a new window - if not, just leave as it is. Click on Insert Link - and save the page. Let me know if it helps, Larisa

Vicinnkir said

at 2:18 pm on Feb 4, 2011

Howdy Rosana, Ayat, Natalia,Claudia and Patricia !!!! I am happy a lot to manage some kind of penpalling cooperation with all of you !!! I`ll contact you all ASAP after this BaW EVO course. Right now it is impossible for I am overbusy with the course. Thanks a lot for your support !!!

MarijanaS said

at 4:48 pm on Feb 4, 2011

Dear Teresa, thank you for your links I will certainly check them, and I hope it will help all of us in the future!, Marijana

Teresa Almeida d'Eca said

at 8:16 pm on Feb 4, 2011

Dear Mariana,
I hope they'll be useful. I especillay like the first two links, because they give advice based on my experience.
I didn't tell you that my enthusiasm with email projects/penpalling was so great that I submitted a proposal about "Email in the Classroom" to the Portuguese Ministry of Education and got a Sabbatical in 2001-2002. The project was then published by a major publisher. Only caveat: it's in Portuguese. Just for curiosity, you can take a look at it here.
Hugs, Teresa

Maria Bossa said

at 8:57 pm on Feb 4, 2011

Hi, this is great!!!! I'll join too! :)

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